ZTA Transalign Clear Aligner


Transalign is more effective than conventional correction or conventional transplant correction.

 Virtually invisible
Transalign Clear Aligner are not easily noticeable by other people
 Free at special moments!
You can enjoy your special occasions and important events with less interference in your daily life due to the removability.
 Oral hygiene and cleanliness can be maintained
Transalign can be removed easily, so you can keep your teeth clean and healthy during the treatment
 You can maintain an active lifestyle
Transalign Clear Aligner is a treatment that is suitable for people with active lifestyles who can enjoy the desired activities.


Conventional correction
Zeniton Transalign
Clearity of the device
Specialized Bioplastic
Movable Tooth
Front Tooth
Whole Tooth
Treatable Malocclusion
Minor Malocclusion Therapy
Various Malocclusion Therapy
Production Process
Automation through computer technologyAdditional sophistication through skilled technicians
Effectiveness prediction
Not able to predict the effect
Able to predict the effect
Force to move tooth
Shape of device
Sharp edges, Irregular thickness
Smooth edges, Uniform thickness
prediction of tooth movement
Dedicated software
Dedicated software, Experienced Orthodontist

Transalign Clear Aligner Products

 Transalign Complex (H)
Transalign Complex (H) can be used in variety of malocclusion cases, consisting multiple sets of Clear Aligners.
 Transalign Complex (L)
You can treat less complicated cases at a relatively lower cost. Depending on your needs, you can choose to treat either your upper or lower jaw.
 Transalign Simple
It is an economical solution to cure very mild crowding, spacing, and relapse cases requiring an anterior arrangement.
 Zenni Retainer
Four retainers are provided which can be used in either Transalign or other cases.

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