Zeniton Implant

Zeniton Implant is the product of engineering research in which the perfect contact of two flat surfaces is only possible theoretically but practically impossible.

A revolution in dental implant systems

 Fixture Design

Zenex implant system is design to apply for various cases, including system surgery on the narrow ridge. The tapered body and specialized thread design make the immediate and early loading possible.


 Convenient Surgery

Zenex implant system has an unique design which makes easy and safe implant placement without any damage in the case of limited  anatomical condition i.e. maxillary sinus inferior alveolar nerve.


 Pink & Blue Connection

Zenex implant system has two kinds(Pink and Blue) of connection structure. Pink connection is for small bone ridge. Internal hexagon typed connection makes the connections compatible with various products. Double Hex structure has advantage to align direction.
Pink & Blue connection have identity between package color and product color. The user can identity the color by instinctively and eliminates possible hazard from production process to operating process.


 Hybrid Double Thread

Width and height of the every thread and different from each for stable installation in various bone conditions while minimize additional bone loss, even available at D1, D2 bone.


 Cutting Edge Design

The cutting edge thread applied ti the surface of the fixture is designed for convenient path modification as well as tapping ability ay any bone conditions.


 S.L.A Surface. (Sandblasted,Large grit,Acid-etched)

The surface of all Zenex fixture has excellent morphology and roughness, increasing 50% of surface area then R.B.M. surface.
The S.L.A. surface with taper shape of ZENEX fixture can attain adequate initial stability.